Sky’s the limit for Qamar Saleem

In an exclusive chat with Daily Times, the musician talks about his upcoming song ‘Darmiyan’ which is about unfulfilled love Has he done it again? Has Qamar Saleem found another threshold to cross?After months of keeping a relatively low profile, focusing on work, health and family while always making sure to connect with his fans, it […]

No distance too great for Qamar Saleem

He’s done it again. Qamar Saleem has once again outdone himself with his new single, Dooriyan and yes, you guessed it, it’s another different song with a meaningful message.And Dooriyan is also a first of its kind Pakistani-Turkish music collaboration!All too often, many are unrequited with their loved ones, mostly owing to literal proximity. It […]

Qamar Saleem announces collaboration with Melis Erdogan

Fans are really excited as singer Qamar Saleem has announced collaboration with Turkish singer Melis Erdogan for his upcoming song, Dooriyan, to be released internationally on Friday, February 11, 2022. This would be the first of its kind Pakistani-Turkish music collaboration! Qamar Saleem took to his Instagram page to share a picture of himself and […]

Qamar Saleem breaking boundaries with international hits

Qamar Saleem’s love for music began at 13, when his brother Aftab first approached him to sing while he played the guitar.Blazing through the last 12 months with four consecutive international hits in his wake, Qamar Saleem has gone from global finance whiz to global artist with millions of listeners, in the space of a […]

Qamar Saleem releases cricket anthem ‘Khelein’ and fans are loving it

Lighting up the hearts and lives of millions of fans across the world with his first three singles, Singapore-based Qamar Saleem has once again garnered huge love and praise with his cricket anthem “Khelein” released last week.More than 21 Instagram blogs featured the song immediately after its release.“Just Play” in Urdu, is easily an anthem […]

A musician with a purpose

All people believe that music is therapeutic in itself. The melody and rhythm that everyone appreciates is a powerful manifestation of humanity.It’s something that affects us all. Everyone likes music, no matter what culture they come from. In line with this, Qamar Saleem, who has a mission in music to connect with others and communicate […]

Qamar Saleem a musician with a difference

After the breakthrough success of his first two singles, “Janaan” and “Ankaha,” we now follow Qamar Saleem as he shares his journey from passionate musician to a rising music sensation.Armed with a soon-to-be-launched brand new single called Sona, we catch up with the ever-scintillating Qamar Saleem in an exclusive pre-launch interview.How has the success of […]