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svg%3EAll people believe that music is therapeutic in itself. The melody and rhythm that everyone appreciates is a powerful manifestation of humanity.

It’s something that affects us all. Everyone likes music, no matter what culture they come from. In line with this, Qamar Saleem, who has a mission in music to connect with others and communicate in a language for every culture that binds all of us. Giving voice to those who have none, providing support to those who need it most, and being the beacon of light when all is dark. Qamar has compassion for humanity that resembles his music career.

With Qamar’s new song “Khelein” set to launch soon, let us look into what we’ll find more about the song and Qamar’s journey.

All of your three previous music videos on YouTube which have reached 7 million views, with viewers in over 60 countries, how does it feel to gain this amount of success in just one year?

The experience is utterly amazing, truly heartening, and totally beyond my expectations. I am so happy that my music received wide-ranging appreciation across so many countries and from people of all ages. I just feel encouraged and at the same time humbled. Success and fame were never my goals. What I aim for is to share my “life-inspired” songs with the world. With that said, I am thrilled for my music has found a place in people’s hearts. It’s been almost a year since I released my first song “Janaan” and now going for my fourth song “Khelein” release on the horizon, it just feels unreal. However, I have worked hard for each of my songs to be different, musically rich and more importantly, convey a deep-rooted message.

With Qamar’s new song ‘Khelein’ set to launch soon, let us look into what we’ll find more about the song and Qamar’s journey

You have been consistent in sharing life-inspired songs. What does this mean to you and how does it relate to your next song?

Music has been a constant in my life as it’s a passion that I have nurtured since my early teens. Hence, music has grown with me and inside of me for the last many years as I build my life, my family, and my career. There have been many defining moments and life-changing events in my journey. With that, all music I have composed is based on true feelings and genuine emotions felt during those times. My music has been my closest companion over the years, as what I could not share with anyone, I could quietly whisper into the corridors of my music notes and weave the murmurs together through melodies. However, “Khelein” combines two of my passions, hence, it became even more special for me.

This is intriguing, especially would like to learn about your second passion. Also, can you tell us more and what the title of your next song means to you?

Music brings peace to me, comfort in solitude, and a brush with which I could paint my feelings into the canvas through a song. However, what many of my friends and family can relate to is my love for sports! From my earlier school days, towards my youth and as I grow older, I have pursued sports and not a week has gone by where I have not played some kind of sport. Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis, Hockey, Soccer, Badminton and Volleyball are some of the sports that I have played; not just as a hobby but at competitive levels. However, the sport that is close to my heart is Cricket! Hence my next song is titled “Khelein”, meaning “Just Play” and is based on Cricket.

This is an interesting perspective. What is your biggest influence when you were writing “Khelein”?

A few relevant elements would be the spirit of the game, conveying a meaningful message, and connecting at the grassroots level. Oftentimes, we make the pursuit of winning everything to us whereas what matters the most is playing with all your heart and just playing! Also, it’s important to remember how we all started, where we come from and that no distinction should exist amongst players or even people. No social, ethnic, geographical, gender or race should be a barrier among us. Just enjoy and live the game is my message. Hence “Khelein” is about Cricket which connects us all in Pakistan and is not just a game but a way of life!

A sportsman, finance professional, and musician — what a combination! How did you develop this diversity and how did Cricket coexist for you?

Indeed! I hear about this a lot. It’s a unique but hugely rewarding mix of traits. But this has a lot to do with my upbringing, encouragement from family, friends I made and with the schools I attended. I have a rich memory of my school days and sports always featured prominently. My earlier days in music also date back to my school days where the only instrument was tapping desks with my fingers, audience being my classmates and the reward being smiles and respite for my friends and family. Later on, college and university days set me onto a professional pursuit that brought a new meaning to living my life. Then sports turned from playing competitively to good workouts, as time went by, and a way to de-stress. However, a sport that lives and breathes in me, and most of the people in Pakistan is Cricket. Therefore, my new song “Khelein” is inspired by the game I have always loved – Cricket!

Can you share with us when “Khelein” will be available worldwide?

The countdown to launch is already underway. I plan to launch “Khelein”, my fourth song within last one year, on October 15, 2021. Then it would be available on all major streaming platforms globally. I am also launching the official music video of “Khelein” on the same day.

I would like to thank all my friends, family and fans who have liked and supported my earlier songs “Janaan”, “Ankaha” and “Sona” and hope they would like “Khelein” as well. As the T20 Cricket World Cup is starting now, I would also like to wish all the best to the Pakistan Cricket team and would simply reiterate my message to them, just play with all your heart and play as one!

The writer is a veteran vocalist and voice actor based in Singapore. She’s also a creative writer, copywriter and an occasional blogg

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