Darmiyan by Qamar Saleem: Timeless tale with soulful song

Qamar Saleem, an artist with a difference, releases his new song “Daarmiyan” in a unique way. He has lived up to his reputation of creating something unprecedented, with a purpose and in style by releasing what is possibly Pakistan’s first animation music video. 


Since times immemorial the human capacity to love has transcended all kinds of gulfs, separations, and divides. In ancient tales of valour and love it overcame even more formidable, otherworldly obstacles that lay between it and the object of desire – whatever lay ‘Darmiyan.’ In some of the most memorable stories and epics from the region that stretches across the wide and diverse lands that appear in the Arabian Nights it was common for humans to fall in love with those from the realms of the fairies and the djinns. Love is a complex business as it is but crossing the earthly realms into otherworldly ones posed its own set of special challenges. Indeed, the inimitable Amir Hamza – the valiant hero of the Dastan-e-Amir Hamza or the Epic of Amir Hamza, which is the longest epic ever written in any language, and a masterpiece of South Asian and Urdu literature – also lived in the fabled Koh-e-Kaf for many years, in blissful matrimony with a royal faery creature. In many ways this song and its visual depiction draw on the legend of Amir Hamza. 

Qamar Saleem’s song ‘Darmiyan’ is an artistic interpretation as well as recasting of all these age-old fables of true love triumphing over the odds. The fact that it is shown as the pining away for, pursuit of and union between a human and a fairy is not just inspired by traditional stories, fairytales, and romantic lore, but also deeply symbolic. For what could be more different from each other than the world of humans and that of fairies or other ethereal beings, their differences so distinct and apparently alienating, and the gulf separating them so vast and seemingly unsurpassable. And yet these stories teach us that where the underlying emotion is pure and devoted, nothing in between – or Darmiyan – can stop one. No matter what social or cultural or ethnic or class pressures or prejudices, love does conquer all. Which is why the archetypical hero and lover in Darmiyan sets out on his quest to find his beloved despite all the odds, imprisoned as she appears to be in a talismanic city in the midst of a desert. Alone and undeterred he takes on all the challenges and menaces – warriors, ogres, sorcerers, necromancers, magical creatures and what not – and suffers and is grievously wounded. The imprisoned fairy recognizes his true passion and commitment for all its sincerity and overcomes any reluctance or doubts she may have had to come to his rescue. Again and again, they face the evil machinations of all those who separate them, who stand ‘Darmiyan’ or between them. Again, and again they resolutely fight back. The vast, complex, and fearsome caste of villainous antagonists depict the variety of apprehensions and obstacles that the world throws up to keep true lovers apart. But in this ode to everlasting love, we discover that nothing can come between true lovers. For there is no price that they are not willing to pay in order to unite.  

Don’t miss out on experiencing Darmiyan one-of-a-kind music video on Qamar’s YouTube channel as well enjoying the heartfelt and beautiful song on all major music streaming platforms.

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