Calm before the storm – Qamar Saleem set to release new song

It’s been over six months since the release of Dooriyan which exceeded all expectations with its success in being the “first-of-its-kind music” collaboration between Turkey and Pakistan, pioneered by Qamar. Could this uncharacteristic silence be the advent of a new unique single to come from Qamar Saleem?

Yet, contrary to his modus operandi, there was no hype, no news nor even a hint of a new single from Qamar Saleem and his team for the past few months. Among his well-acquainted followers and fans, this may seem unusual as he has always had something lined up along the way.

Well, fret not! Although his team is not sharing many details for now, from the little we have heard there is something special and a “first ever” on the way to launch, and in just a few days.

Hence know with confidence that Qamar Saleem is, once again, sure to blow your mind.

With each release, he continues to push past boundaries and take Pakistan’s music scene to new heights and continue to entertain his global following.

Recently, the singer shared a short video of his five original songs that have been widely appreciated by millions around the globe.