Qamar Saleem’s Urdu-Turkish song “Dooriyan” becomes an instant hit

Singer Qamar Saleem has released a duet “Dooriyan”, with Turkish vocalist Melis Erdoğan, which is a depiction of long-distance relationships and separation from our loved ones.

A unique twist of the song is that it's bilingual (Urdu-Turkish) and the video was shot in two different countries by two different teams.

The song is a conversation between two loved ones separated by distance, crying out in anguish yet giving each other hope as both yearn to be united.

Within a couple of days of its release, the song garnered huge love and praise from music lovers from both Turkey and Pakistan and crossed one million views on YouTube.

“Although Dooriyan has been a recurrent theme from time immemorial, the sheer magnitude of people in recent times that have tasted this bittersweet situation is astounding,” says Qamar Saleem.   

The singer believes “long-distance relationships manifest themselves in many ways and we have all experienced it at some point in our lives, in many forms of relationships. It is especially painful when our soulmates are separated from us owing to unavoidable circumstances.”

Qamar says that in order to minimize the pain, we make ourselves numb, and other times, we are filled with anguish. The dilemmas, inner battles and conflicting emotions that we go through are what “Dooriyan” is all about,” he