Qamar Saleem’s “Khelein” – a fitting cricket anthem for a winning team!

Qamar Saleem singing anthem for Pakistan cricket team

Qamar Saleem's "Khelein" was released ahead of the T20 World Cup, nearly two weeks back and has in a very short time become one of the most watched Pakistan Team Cricket anthems.

The song has already garnered more than 1.5 million views on YouTube alone.

This was the one of very few cricket anthem for Pakistan team released ahead of the T20 World Cup leading up to Pakistan historic win against India, New Zealand and Afghanistan. The message in "Khelein" to play unified and to play wholeheartedly resonates so well with how the Pakistan team played against India and created history.

The song from Qamar comes at such an opportune time when Pakistan team had suffered many set backs in the recent past, hence "Khelein" was meant to drive inspiration and lift the spirits of the Pakistan which is so fittingly did. Such was the emotion and connection with the song, that PTV sports made it the official anthem for T20 World Cup.

Unlike most cricket anthems Qamar's "Khelein" is a heart warming song and drives pride and emotion, unlike any other cricket anthem, in the hearts and mind of passionate Pakistan cricket followers and fans. Also the song is rooted in the common men and rising women dream of cricket and pays tribute to heroes on and off the field. "Khelein", a song with a difference comes at a time Pakistan team delivers the performance with a difference . Qamar reiterates his message to the team after the victory - "Khelein Milke, Khelein Dilse" which so aptly describes the message Babar Azam is seen giving to the team in post-match team huddle.