New Song, New Message, New Style – Uniquely Qamar Saleem

Following the success of his two hit singles, “Janaan” and “Ankaha”, Qamar Saleem is back and ready to wow his listeners with a brand-new song “Sona”. Released on the 30th of July on major streaming platforms, Qamar also launched the official music video on YouTube for his third single, “Sona”, on the same day.

In a brief overview of his music career, you’ll find that Qamar Saleem is a self-made musician. Starting from his tender teens, Qamar has built his arsenal of musical knowledge through years of study and immersion into various cultures from all the countries across the globe that he’s lived in, thanks to a demanding career in finance. No stranger to hard work, Qamar has always ensured a space in his home for his own studio, amidst the balance between work and family.

However, it wasn’t until during pandemic when Qamar was given the time, inspiration, and encouragement to strongly pursue his artistic passions. And by November 2020, “Janaan” was released. With the humblest of intentions to share some positivity with the world, “Janaan” spread like wildfire globally and catapulted Qamar Saleem to fame, almost overnight. He carried on with the same aspirations of music with a message when he released “Ankaha” earlier this year. A song that gathered him even more followers as viewership on YouTube hit 3 million.

As with the above-mentioned singles, both contained very strong messages that called for the uplifting of one’s soul with “Janaan”, and for deep introspection into closure for emotional health respectively through “Ankaha”. “Sona” bears no difference in that respect, although, this time, the message is sweeter.

“Sona” or “Precious One”, like all his music narrates a story – a story of first love, remembered and cherished. Qamar explains that the first infatuation is something that always remains with one. It is something to be deeply treasured over the course of many years and therefore, any memory of the same uplifts the soul. Nothing so pure and unique can ever be forgotten. There is no match to the innocent passion of that initial feeling as it overwhelms the senses. When all thought and action is subsumed by the magic of that first love.

That’s why, Qamar’s message through Sona, is a celebration of that unique and memorable experience. A celebration of the redeeming and rejuvenating value that it has throughout one’s life. Regardless of our future experiences – including both the triumphs and setbacks on the road to love. The importance lies not in that the infatuation resulted in a union that lasted or even in any union at all. The importance lies with the fact that it was our first brush with love and is characterized by nothing else but purity and intensity of emotion. There is no taint. No machination. No motive. No impurity. Qamar urges that one must therefore learn to always replicate it each time we love. With the same purity and intensity of emotion. That is what Sona is all about.

Qamar’s song writing process has always been about writing music derived from passion and emotions instead of creating a melody to already-written-down lyrics. However, that makes it harder for the lyricist, given the complexity and movement of the track. And a demanding song like Sona, led to the need for lyrics that would express the right message and it would take accomplished lyricist Peer Zahoor’s masterful poetry to bring about that perfect combination.


When asked what to expect in the new video, Qamar shared that the video has a beautiful premise. It starts off with him being invited to sing on stage, during which, he gets into reminiscing about Sona, consumed by the overwhelming emotions. From there, different aspects of Sona are depicted as she appreciates nature, which Qamar feels connects us to God; as she connects with children, even in a crowded place, we are taught the need to always pause and put humanity at the centre of our nature; as one eventually meets their true love, there should be no hesitation in reaching out. Qamar also proudly shares that the video features his daughters as well, hence, his music is not just personal for him but permeates through his extended existence.

When asked about the inspiration for the video, he says it was derived from sharing the translation of the song with the creative team (since they don’t speak Urdu) and what he had felt about the song and the emotions he wanted to bring out. They tirelessly immersed themselves into the song on repeat until the creative team came up with a concept which resonated with the message of Sona, as the song contains many elements to it. Including many personal elements as his songs are always driven from life experiences and inner emotions. Qamar also puts his heart and soul into his songs and his passion for music vividly shines through his songs and music videos.

With so much to offer, “Sona” is truly in line with Qamar Saleem’s brand of music. Music with no boundaries, music with a message and most of all, music for the world.

Sona is available on all major music platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and YouTube.

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