“Ankaha” is dedicated to families of COVID-19 victims

Qamar Saleem’s new single “Ankaha”, which means “unspoken”, depicts sentiments that could not be uttered, fondness that remained unshared, relationships interrupted, and collective journeys that came to a sudden end.

Qamar’s new single “Ankaha” is dedicated to families of COVID-19 victims

Upon hearing the new single, listeners quickly find themselves immersed in ‘Ankaha moments’ we all have in our lives and so many times we are unable to say what must be said in time. We may have harboured a deep love for someone but may have chosen to wait for the right time to reveal it; however what if that moment never arrived and was irrevocably lost?

During these very turbulent times of pandemic and on this day, March 18, when the first ill-fated death from this virus occurred in Pakistan, Qamar has dedicated “Ankaha” to the families who lost their loved ones not only in Pakistan but globally.

“I dedicate this song to the families who were even denied a chance to bid a fitting farewell to their loved ones. It is a remembrance, as well as, a cry of anguish. It is also a heartfelt tribute,” says Qamar Saleem, who is a senior financial executive working for a reputed international organisation in Singapore.

The song’s beautiful lyrics are written by an accomplished lyricist, Peer Zahoor from India. The song also takes a departure from conventional norms in terms of the music video shoot setting; drama that unfolds as the song builds, lights that transition with the moods and scales that ascend as the pain elevates. The music video mesmerizes you and transcends you into your own emotional journeys and you can’t help but recall the “Ankaha moments” that were lost amidst our own personal journeys.  

“Ankaha" is second music video of Qamar Saleem. His debut song “Janaan” became a sensation crossing 1 million views on YouTube alone with covers from all over the world and viewership in over 50 countries. Encouraged by such an overwhelming response, Qamar has now released yet another of his original songs “Ankaha” which is now available on all major streaming platforms.

While “Janaan” was a message of hope and staying positive, “Ankaha” is a message of solace reminding us not to wait to share our love and affection for those we love, and not wait for the right time as that time may never come. It is also just another way of telling who we have lost how much they meant for us through a melody that touches the heart from the beginning of the song, makes the mind travel back in time and breaks you down at “gham bheegi yadoon ka yoon sehnay de”.

“Music with a purpose, is how I would like to pursue this journey. Hence the songs I have released so far give a message of love and also remind us, especially during these unprecedented times, that what really matters is love and never withholding how we feel” says Qamar.