Qamar Saleem’s single ‘Janaan’ — a message to stay positive in turbulent times

How much is it important to chase your passion of producing music while maintaining an impressive career as international finance expert?

“As essential as all else because it’s your passion which gives meaning to your soul,” says Qamar Saleem, a senior financial executive-turned singer/musician, who is currently working for a reputed international organization in Singapore.


Saleem adds that “if you don’t follow your passion, you would never have a feeling of fullness in life, and remember when your passion dies, a part of you dies.”

The finance expert, who completed his education at illustrious institutions like Aitchison College and LUMS in Lahore, recently teamed with very talented musicians in Singapore and launched his debut single ‘#Janaan’ which made waves on social media. Despite being his debut single and released on a newly-created YouTube channel, Janaan garnered some good number of views on Youtube and other social media networks in the first couple of weeks and still going strong. According to Qamar Saleem, ‘Janaan’ symbolizes the simplicity of love deeply rooted in all of us. It characterises the beauty of togetherness, the longing in absence, the inner happiness felt of being in love and the completeness in union.

“Although written a while ago, ‘Janaan’ is especially relevant in these turbulent times due to a pandemic, where we need to appreciate love, find happiness in the little things, stay positive and not lose hope,” Mr. Saleem told in an interview via skype.

Mr. Saleem, currently based in Singapore, spent a childhood and youth full of sunny days and song In Pakistan. After completing his education, he has been in the financial sector for over 25 years with globally reputed organisations serving internationally. “An early crooner I was initially much sought after by family and friends for my singing and music talent, I did frequent performances as well as stints with bands. However, after completing education, I devoted myself to building a successful career and a loving family and hence the music took a back seat, but my passion for music never died” he said.

This year, he said, he revived his passion with full enthusiasm and took a big step to launch my own music despite being a busy executive with hectic routine. “Time is very precious, my friends. Don’t give up on your passions, whatever these may be,” he added.

He expressed his desire to release a complete album next year which he is recording these days. He said ‘Janaan’ was one of my first compositions and definitely one that he held very close to his heart. “Janaan is also a message of celebration; to cherish what we have been blessed with, to love unconditionally, discover the joy within and stay confident about a brighter tomorrow. Rejoice the presence, cherish the memories or simply be thankful for having found your Janaan” he concluded.

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