Qamar Saleem’s debut single ‘Janaan’ makes waves on social media

Qamar Saleem’s debut single ‘Janaan’ has made waves on social media; its music video garnered around 140,000 views on YouTube alone within one month of its release despite being released on a newly-created channel of the singer. It was featured by many leading blogs on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Qamar Saleem has an impressive career as senior financial sector executive at an international organization in Singapore but during COVID19 he got time for his passion for music. He teamed up with very talented musicians and launched his debut single ‘#Janaan’ (my beloved).

According to Qamar, ‘Janaan’ is a message of celebration- to cherish what we have been blessed with, to love unconditionally, discover the joy within and stay positive about a brighter tomorrow. Rejoice the presence, cherish the memories or simply be thankful for having found your ‘Janaan’.

Although written a while ago, ‘Janaan’ is especially relevant in these turbulent times where we need to appreciate love, find happiness in the little things, stay positive and not lose hope.

Qamar completed his education at illustrious institutions like Aitchison College and LUMS in Lahore. An early crooner, Qamar was initially much sought after by family and friends for his singing and music talent, he did frequent performances as well as stints with bands. However, after completing his education he devoted himself to building a successful career and a loving family and hence the music took a back seat.

Qamar, after many years, is now reviving his passion for music. ‘Janaan’ is one of Qamar’s first composition and definitely one that he holds very close to his heart.

Talking about his passion for music, Qamar says “I worked hard in building a promising cross-continental career in international finance, gaining global exposure & experience while living in different countries and raising a beautiful family.”

He adds that despite the long hours, frequent moves, tiring travelling, and the challenges of life, music never deserted him, rather caressed him in the toughest times.

“This year I have revived my passion and took a big step to launch my own music. Time is very precious, my friends. Don’t give up on your passions, whatever these may be! Your passions give meaning to your souls, and as essential as all else,” he concluded. 

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